Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Top Vintage Reissue 100W Valve

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This reissue remains faithful to the original with its Plexi design and all-valve tone, with an additional FX loop for a modern twist. Order now! Read more

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Product Description

The 1959SLP is a line right back to the celebrated era of the mid to late 1960s, the original was born when Pete Townshend asked Jim Marshall if he could make it louder. This re-issue delivers that classic Marshall tone with the same overdrive and crunch, using the authentic parts and methods to construct.

The louder you play, the better it sounds! This is the amplifier that led the rock revolution

Townshend, Clapton, and Hendrix, to name a few, all played the Marshall 1959 Plexi head. This is the iconic amplifier that defined the sound of rock ‘n’ roll for generations of guitar players, and it can be seen on countless stages of yesterday and today, including Woodstock. Marshall has brought this amp back in all its glory with the 1959SLP 100-watt Super Lead head. Get yours before it’s gone.

The Marshall 1959SLP 100-watt Super Lead head isn’t just another reissue guitar amplifier. Engineers at Marshall sought out two original 1959 amplifiers and created a reissue that is so good that it’s considered identical. Seriously. This amp has the 1959 Plexi tone and character you’ve been looking for – at a price far less than original models from the ’60s.

Tonal bliss you can only get from a Marshall
From clean chord work to crunchy rhythm tones to scorching single notes, the Marshall 1959SLP has you covered. This guitar amp is a workhorse that won’t let you down. You’ll love the warm classic tones of the glowing EL34 and 12AX7 tubes. There’s no sound like a dimed Marshall through a 4 x 12″ cab, and you know you want that sound. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer and fulfill your dreams with a Marshall 1959SLP 100-watt Super Lead head!

Marshall 1959SLP Plexi Top Vintage Reissue 100W Valve Features:

  • Iconic Marshall Plexi tone in an all-tube 100-watt head
  • A reissue so good it is considered identical
  • All-tube design and tone featuring EL34 and 12AX7 tubes
  • Defeatable effects loop

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