Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 16 Ohm
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Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 16 Ohm

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The Cab Clone is a cabinet simulator with a built-in amp load and a headphone output. It's a practical alternative for recording with a mic'ed speaker cabinet. Get yours now and start … Read more

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Product Description

The Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 16Ohm is ideal for recording and playing at home and/or at night. It serves as a speaker cabinet, but without the actual speaker and the loudness that inevitably comes with using a speaker cab with a microphone in front.


The Cab Clone can be used with amplifiers that have a power rating of 150 Watts or less, and it has an impedance of 16 Ohms. Hook it up to the speaker output jack of your (Mesa or non-Mesa) amp and you can play and record without disturbing anyone.

With the Voicing switch on the front panel, you can select three different styles of speaker cabinet simulation, each with its own unique sound. You can choose between Closed Back, Open Back and Vintage Cabinet.

The Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 16Ohm also features a balanced XLR direct out on the back with a dedicated DI Level rotary control on the front panel, a phase Flip switch for inverting the phase, a ground lift switch and a 1/4″ jack line out.

You can send the output signal from the Mesa Boogie Cab Clone 16Ohm to your headphones, a mixer or a recording interface and it will sound like a real, high-quality speaker cabinet.

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