MONO M80 Guitar Tick Steel Grey


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Sick of carrying all those extra bags with gear to your gigs? Try the Guitar Tick for extra storage room on your guitar case! Read more

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Product Description

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We all know the feeling. You always want to bring more gear to your gig than you can carry. The result; overstuffing your guitar case or bringing an extra carry-on bag. But no more!! With the Mono M80 Guitar Tick Steel Grey you can expand your Mono case with the extra desperately needed storing space you’ve been dreaming of.

The Mono M80 Guitar Tick Steel Grey futures at a glance;

  • Color; Steel Grey
  • Fits all Mono cases, except the ‘Sleeve line
  • Detach in seconds
  • Internal tool compartments with protective cover
  • Sized to fit Pedaltrain Nano (14”)
  • Built tolast, using only materials with extreme resistance to abrasion and the elements
  • Lifetime Warranty from Mono!

Fits perfectly

The Mono M80 Guitar Tick Steel Grey fits perfectly to your Mono case. Its integrated design allows for quick acces to your guitar or bass. There’s no need to remove it every time, although it can be done in a matter of seconds.

Onboard effect rig

Once you have the extra space, you wonder how you ever could manage without it. Create an onboard effect rig with a Nano pedalboard. Your portable recording setup! Or just take all the cables, headphones, large pedals, straps and fresh t-shirts you think you need with you.

So if you need some extra space on your case, come to Max Guitar and try the Mono M80 Guitar Tick Steel Grey!!

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