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MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive


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Comes from Demo board, 100% functional, no box! B-STOCK  Designed by the legendary Bob Bradshaw. Give your signal a clean boost! Read more

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Product Description

Two for One

With the MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive you get actually two effects in one elegant box. It futures a dynamic overdrive and an independent clean boost circuit.

The MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive futures at a glance;

  • Boost Control, for the overall level adjustment
  • Independent Overdrive
  • Output Control, for the overdrive section
  • Tone Control, for the overdrive section
  • Gain Control, for the amount of distortion
  • True Bypass
  • 9v battery or AC adapter

Everything you want

The overdrive section delivers everything you want. It adds a warmth organic overdrive without any loss of your tone. It can go from a bluesy, slightly overdriven sound to full-metal crunch with a simple twist of the gain knob. The Boost circuit is a real bonus.

It is very effective in solving the problems with signals when combining effects. It refreshes the sparkle, punch and brilliance that can be lost.

Bob Bradshaw

For the MXR MC402 Boost/Overdrive, the MXR team worked close together with the legendary gear system designer Bob Bradshaw. He built rigs for countless famous bands like Aerosmith, Metallica, Toto and Duran Duran. He put all the experience he has in this one little box, making it essential for every self-respecting rig.

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