Planet Waves PW1 Ergonomic Guitar Peg Winder


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Ergonomic peg winder. Buy now and enjoy fast and easy string changing! Read more

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Product Description

The Planet Waves PW1 Ergonomic Guitar Peg Winder will help you change the strings on your instrument a lot faster. Instead of having to turn the machine heads by hand, you can turn the peg winder a few times and the string will be neatly rolled around the string post.

Ergonomic design

This practical guitar tool is precision molded and it will fit almost every kind of electric and acoustic guitar, banjo or mandolin. The Planet Waves PW1 Ergonomic Guitar Peg Winder was designed to last a very long time, so you can use it for years.

With the notch in the winder, you can easily pop out the bridge pins on steel string acoustic guitars. Save your fingers and wrists and use the Planet Waves PW1 Ergonomic Guitar Peg Winder when changing the strings on your instrument. This guitar tool is great as a gift to your guitarist friend or to yourself.

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