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Providence PEC-40

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Buffered Input (Bu-IN)
The buffer circuit fed by this input “fortifies” the relatively weak guitar or bass signal without changing the signal level so that it is less susceptible to … Read more

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Product Description

  • Buffered Input (Bu-IN)
  • The buffer circuit fed by this input “fortifies” the relatively weak guitar or bass signal without changing the signal level so that it is less susceptible to degradation.

  • Direct Input (IN)
  • The sound of some effects, notably certain types of fuzz and distortion, can change when connected after a buffer circuit. If you will be connecting effects of this type to the PEC-04, connect your instrument to the IN jack to bypass the buffer circuit and connect directly to the effect loops.

  • Series Loops
  • Loops 1 through 3 are connected in series (one after the other). Signal switching is accomplished via precision mechanical relays. When a loop is OFF the corresponding SND output is muted so that no signal is sent to the connected effect unit. This eliminates the possibility of unwanted oscillation due to crosstalk when high-gain effects are used. All loops are S.C.T (Single Contact True-bypass) type circuits, so when a loop is bypassed the signal passes through only a single relay circuit for maximum reliability and sound quality.

  • Separate Loops
  • Loop 4 is totally independent, and uses the same type of precision mechanical relay as loops 1 through 3 for switching. In addition to functioning as an independent loop, the separate loop SEND jack can also be used as a latching N.C. (Normally Closed) switch, and the OUT jack can be used as latching N.O. (Normally Open) switch for remote amplifier channel switching.
    This loop is completely independent, right down to the ground line, so you can use it as a control switch without having to worry about ground loop problems. The separate loop can be used as a mute loop, an A/B switcher, and other utility functions. When the three series loops aren’t enough for your system, you can patch the series loop OUT jack to the separate loop IN jack to provide a fourth series loop.

  • Program Mode
  • Up to four combinations of the four loops can be programmed and recalled instantly in the PROGRAM mode.

  • Direct Mode
  • The four loops can be directly turned on or off individually in the DIRECT mode.

  • Tuner Out
  • The input signal is always available at this output for connection to an electronic tuner, so you can conveniently tune at any time while playing.

  • DC9V Outputs
  • The PEC-04 has four precision-regulated DC 9V outputs that can supply a total of 220 milliamps. If the maximum 220 milliamps load is exceeded the red DC9V OVERLOAD indicator will light to warn of a possible voltage drop and overheating. In addition to precision regulation, each output features a line noise filter circuit for exceptionally clean DC power, and an overall short protection circuit prevents damage to the power supply circuitry even if one of the outputs is shorted.

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