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Coming in early December 2017! Tone King Imperial MKII – USA made hand wired combo! Read more

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Tone King introduced the Imperial MKII – There are a fair few differences between the original Imperial that ran for 21 years between 1993 and 2016, the 20th Anniversary model Imperial that was only available for a relatively short time and the new Imperial Mk II that was introduced at Namm ome time ago! The original Imperial used a heavy duty PC board that was constructed for each model, while the 20th Anniversary edition was completely hand wired, getting the full boutique experience. The Imperial Mk II using again a Hand wired Board. This method offers up the best mixture of reliability and quality so your amp sounds great and will last for years to come. The speaker in the Imperial Mk II is exactly the same as the one that appeared in the original Imperial; the Tone King ’33′ Speaker developed especially for Tone King by Eminence Speakers. The Ironman Attenuator is one of the highest quality attenuators on the market. Although it’s not on the original Imperial, the Ironman was a feature that worked so well it’s been built into the Imperial Mk II. Tone King have created the new Ironman II compensated power attenuator made for the Imperial Mk II. The Ironman II adds in Fletcher-Munson compensation and Damping Factor Correction over the original Ironman so no matter what volume you are playing at you get the same great sound. The Ironman II also has the Attenuator Bypass features which disables the attenuator on the Rhythm channel so you can easily match the volume of both channels.

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