Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 50w Head (Silver knob version)


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The Classic Reverb Signature enables you to tailor your sound from super squeaky hi-fi clean all the way to edgy, medium distortion. Amongst the best we’ve heard! Order now! Read more

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Product Description

The single-channel Classic Reverb Signature is Two-Rock’s ultimate tone shaping machine. Updated in November of 2016 with Bill Krinard’s new design tactics, built on either a black or silver aluminum chassis, this amp has been updated with a new output transformer, as well as an added Gain Structure switch for 3 different voicing settings on the input stage.Extensive tone shaping is offered via Treble, Middle, Bass, Bright, Mid, Deep and EQ controls. A Contour control facilitates switching between single coils and humbuckers while adjusting for room acoustics, without having to change preamp EQ settings. A footswitchable FET preamp stage, eq BYPASS and REVERB DEFEAT are stock features of this versatile amplifier. Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature Gain Structure: The 3 position gain structure switch changes the sensitivity and overall feel of the preamp. In the down position, the amp feels similar to a vintage blackface, the middle position is much like the Two-Rock Matt Schofield Signature front end with a hotter input stage, and the full up position is our traditional Two-Rock frontend. Two-Rock Power Selector: The HIGH power mode is fixed-bias and the LOW power is cathode biased.  While the Low setting may sound louder, you’ll notice a significant headroom decrease.

Two-Rock Classic Reverb Signature 50w Head Features:

  • 50 Watt dual tube rectified
  • 2 x 6L6
  • 20-5/8″ (52,38 cm) wide x 12″ (30,48 cm) tall x 10-5/8″ (26,98 cm) deep 43 LBS (19,5 kg)
  • 4 ohm; 8 ohm, 16 ohm Speaker Outputs
  • Black Anodize with Black Chicken Head Knobs or Silver Anodize with Silver Skirt Knobs (+€100)

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