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Victoria 50212 Tweed Classic


SKU: ART-11408

The 5E8-A low powered twin amp The 5E8-A ‘low power’ Twin remains the most coveted 50W tone monster in the history of guitar amplifiers. The transformers are Hi watt-huge, that means thundering, … Read more

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Product Description

Each Victoria amp is hand wired on vulcanized fiber eyelet board, insuring durability! All wiring is solid core, like the original (as opposed to stranded wire) – essential for the characteristic, woody tone. CGE pots – totally noiseless w/smooth taper for ease of dialing-in-sound. Finger jointed solid pine cabinet, strong, durable, no cabinet buzz w/great resonance, lacquered Cotton Tweed, great looking and the exact material used for the original tweeds. Hand wound, paper interleaved output-transformers w/period correct voltages – no cold, harsh, high plate voltages and center tapped filament – no heater hum! 16 gauge triple plated steel Chassis! Output transformers are manufactured using the actual Triad engineering data hand wound, paper interleaved on paper bobbins rich harmonics – astounding tone built to last forever tremendous bottom end, singing highs, strong headroom! Allen Bradley carbon composition resistors individually measured before wiring to insure exacting tolerance w/low noise, extreme reliability, warm sound – unlike metal or carbon film resistors! Sprague Electrolytics capacitors – preformed for stability w/custom made coupling & decoupling caps – highest quality and durability – manufactured to our precise specifications to simulate the frequency response of the originals! Key ingredient to the vintage tone – modern polypropylene film caps sound too bright! Every tube is Electronically and sonically matched for high reliability, great tone, superior quality, high output – low noise! Each speaker is thoroughly sound tested with a 24 hour break in period for maximum reliability


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