From small adjustments to pickup replacement, refret or major repairjobs: our highly qualified repair department can help you out.

Standard setup (fixed bridge) €45,=
Tremolo setup (vintage style bridge) €55,=
Tremolo setup (Floyd Rose) €60,=
Fretlevel €100,=
Refret standard (incl. parts) €200,=
Refret with binding (incl. parts) €250,=
Refret maple fingerboard (incl. parts) €300,=
Topnut replacement (plastic) €25,=
Topnut replacement (bone) €50,=
Pickup replacement/pickup (excl. parts) €25,=
Pot or switch replacement/piece (excl. parts) €15,=
Shielding (incl. parts) €50,=
Pickup installment acoustic guitar (excl. parts) €50,=
Restring fixed bridge steelstring (excl. parts) €10,=
Restring nylon (excl. parts) €15,=
Machine heads replacement (excl. parts) €30,=
Cracked/broken headstock ask for price

Need anything not on our price list? Please fill out the form below and describe as accurate as possible what we can do for your guitar.

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